compassThe Journey from Free to Fee is a 16-step program with one strategic purpose - to help you launch your successful career as a professional speaker.

Each step in the Journey from Free to Fee is described in detail below. Start your journey by joining today!

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Quest #1 - Starting Your Pro Speaker's Business

The first Quest of the Journey from Free to Fee, naturally enough, explores the essential steps in starting a professional speaker's business. Getting started right will save you lots of time - and money - in the future. (Tell me more!)

Quest #2 - Developing Your "Business Simulator"

The next Quest focuses on developing your "business simulator" (aka your business plan). It's far better to make mistakes "on paper" than in real life, so your business simulator will save you both money and time! (Tell me more!)

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Quest #3 - Choosing a Money-Making Topic

Choosing your speaking topic is a challenge for many speakers, but choosing your target market is even more important. "Choosing a Money-Making Topic" explores who you're going to be speaking to and what you're going to be talking about! (Tell me more!)

Quest # 4 - Show Me the Money!

In "Show Me the Money" you'll explore the fundamental difference between a public speaker and a professional  speaker - money! (Or, more precisely, making  money!) In this Quest, you'll explore the wide variety of ways in which a successful pro speaker makes money. (Tell me more!)

Quest # 5 - Growing Your Product Tree

In "Growing Your Product Tree" you'll explore the ins and outs of serving your clients - and increasing your bottom line - by developing profit-generating products. (Tell me more!)

Quest # 6 - Your Web Presence: If You Build It, Will They Come?

In "Your Web Presence" you'll explore the single-most important part of your speaker's business - your web presence. (Even more important than your speech!) In part one, "If You Build It, Will They Come?", you'll explore the "outside" of your website(s). (Tell me more!)

Quest # 7 - Your Web Presence: It's What's Inside that Counts

In the previous quest, you explored many aspects of your web presence "outside" of your website. In this Quest, you'll explore "inside" of your web presence - what your visitors will actually experience when they interact with your website(s). (Tell me more!)

Quest # 8 - It's All About Marketing

A few years ago, the president of the National Speakers Association said "It's all about marketing", and that's still true today. You can have a killer topic that will help lots of people... but if nobody knows about it, nothing happens. In this Quest, you'll explore the mysteries of marketing, promotion, branding, and more! (Tell me more!)

Quest # 9 - How Much Should You Charge?

If you're like most speakers, setting your fees and prices is a real-life nightmare. Are you charging enough? Are you charging too much? "How Much Should You Charge?" explores the fascinating (and sometimes frightening) world of setting fees and prices. (Tell me more!)

Quest # 10 - Get It in Writing... or Get It Wrong

In "Get it in Writing… or Get it Wrong", you'll explore the world of contracts, agreements, and other such essential "paperwork". Even though the world is going digital, paperwork (even electronic versions) is more important than ever. (Tell me more!)

Quest # 11 - Let Your Voice Be Heard!

In the wonderful movie "The King's Speech", King George VI angrily declares "I have a right to be heard. I have a voice!" You too have a voice - your "voice" is your message. But for people to hear your voice, your presentation skills must be top-notch. (Tell me more!)

Quest # 12 - Keynotes and Training and More

When many people think of "speaking", they think of keynoting. But there are a myriad of other types of presenting that pro speakers can avail themselves of, and you need to know the benefits and drawbacks of each of them. (Tell me more!)

Quest # 13 - Preparation is the Key to Success

Hooray! You've been hired to give a speech! But what do you do now? In "Preparation is the Key to Success", you will explore what you need to do ahead of time to ensure a successful presentation. (Tell me more!)

Quest # 14 - It's Showtime!

The big day has finally arrived! It's showtime! But now, what can you do to ensure a successful presentation that makes a difference to your audience while enhancing your reputation (and boosting your bottom line)? (Tell me more!)

Quest # 15 - Enjoy the Applause (But There's More To Do)

Congratulations! You've delivered your incredible closing. But you're not done yet... far from it! There are many things to do after your presentation to ensure your presentation's fullest success. (Tell me more!)

Quest # 16 - What's in Your Future?

As we wrap up this Pro Speaker YOU adventure, you'll explore different aspects of the future - from exploring the direction in which you'll take your own career, to the future of the speaking industry itself. (Tell me more!)

The Journey from Free to Fee will shave months off your learning curve so you'll start getting paid to speak more quickly and reliably. In short....

The sooner you join, the sooner you can make your dream come true!