Let Your Voice Be

Quest # 11 - Let Your Voice Be Heard!

In the wonderful movie "The King's Speech", King George VI angrily declares "I have a right to be heard. I have a voice!" You too have a voice - your "voice" is your message. But for people to hear your voice, your presentation skills must be top-notch.

This Quest explores some of the challenges that professional speakers often face when they're delivering their message, and reveals some ways to make your voice heard!

Objectives of this Quest

In this Quest, you will:

    • Explore effective program structures and how to use them.
    • Consider why Toastmasters can be a tremendous help in crafting a winning presentation… and when Toastmasters can be your worst enemy.
    • Explore the power – and dangers – of an eclectic vocabulary
    • Determine how to create an effective visual presence – everything from gestures and body language to props and using A/V

Questions answered during this Quest include

    • How can I rehearse my program effectively?
    • How can I adjust the timing (shorten or lengthen) of my presentation – possibly on the fly – if I need to?
    • Is it wrong to close by saying “thank you”?
    • If I practice my presentation at Toastmasters, should I consider what my evaluator suggests for improvement?
    • How can I “own the stage” – even if it’s a virtual stage?

Videos in the “Let Your Voice Be Heard” Quest

  1. Look ’em in the eyes!
  2. Watch your language!
  3. How to exude confidence
  4. Effective speech structures
  5. How to nail the most important parts of your presentation
  6. The pros and cons of Toastmasters
  7. Stories and storytelling
  8. Timing your presentation
  9. Know your audience
  10. Just how bad are filled pauses anyway?

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