Starting Your
Speaking Business

Quest # 1 - Starting Your Speaking Business

"Starting Your Speaking Business", as the name implies, explores the essential steps in starting a professional speaker's business. Getting started right will save you lots of time - and money - in the future.

Objectives of this Quest

In this Quest, you will:

  • See the professional speaking industry’s “big picture”, and determine how you will establish your own part of the industry and eventually “own” it.
  • Explore various business models for speakers’ businesses and determine which business model is right for you.
  • Understand the difference between a formal business plan and a working business plan, and develop a plan to create your own working business plan.
  • Begin creating the most important part of your working business plan, your business summary.

Questions answered during this Quest include

  • When is it not a good idea to say “I am a speaker”? More importantly, why is it not a good idea to say “I am a speaker”? If you’re not a speaker, what are you?
  • Why is it essential that you determine which “business model” you want to pursue?
  • What are the different kinds of speakers, and what are their advantages and disadvantages? Which ones are right for you, and which should you avoid?
  • Should you name your business after yourself?
  • Do you need a speaker’s office even if you work from home? How do you set up your speaker’s office?
  • What’s the difference between a vision, a goal, and a plan?
  • What’s your vision (that you tell others)? What’s your “private” vision (that you keep to yourself)?
  • What’s the difference between a formal business plan and a working business plan? When do you need a formal business plan, and when do you need a working business plan? Which is more (much more) important?

Videos in the “Starting Your Speaking Business” Quest

  1. Getting started with the Journey to Freedom program
  2. Why you’re NOT a speaker
  3. Types of pro speaking
  4. Defining your business model
  5. Naming your business
  6. Business structures and organizations
  7. Setting up your speaker’s office
  8. Your vision, mission, goals, and plans
  9. Creating your business simulator
  10. Working vs. formal business plans
  11. Developing your business summary

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