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Quest # 8 - It's All About Marketing

A few years ago, the president of the National Speakers Association said "It's all about marketing", and that's still true today. You can have a killer topic that will help lots of people... but if people don't know about it, nothing happens.

Objectives of this Quest

In this Quest, you will:

    • Determine the advantages and disadvantages of working with a Speakers Bureau.
    • Consider the characteristics of an effective Speaker’s One-sheet and video demo.
    • Compare positioning, branding, promotion, advertising, and publicity, and decide which methods are best for you.
    • Compare tech marketing (SEO, social media) with more traditional marketing methods.

Questions answered during this Quest include

    • What is a Speakers Bureau? How does it compare to a Speaker’s Agent? (There’s a BIG difference!)
    • How do Speakers Bureaus make money? How do you make money with a Speakers Bureau?
    • When you’re working with a bureau, when do you discuss your fee with your client?
    • What’s “spin-off” business and why is it important?
    • If you’ve ever had a relationship with one or more Speakers Bureaus and a customer calls you directly, what is the one question that you must ask them?
    • How does a Speakers Bureau market you?
    • What’s a speaker’s one-sheet and why is it important?
    • What’s a demo video and how do you create one?
    • What is an effective brand and how can you create one?
    • What’s the difference between positioning, branding, and promotion? All three are vital – how can you position, brand, and promote your business?

Videos in the “It's All About Marketing” Quest

  1. Speakers Bureaus vs. Agents
  2. Types of Speakers Bureaus
  3. Working with Speakers Bureaus
  4. Speakers Bureaus and fees
  5. Handling Bureau spin-off business
  6. Blogging, podcasting, and other social media
  7. The fallacy of “exposure”
  8. Zigging and Zagging
  9. Romantic Dinner Under Fluorescent Lights?
  10. Marketing vs. promotion vs. publicity vs. advertising
  11. Speakers’ directories
  12. Marketing your website(s)
  13. Developing your brand

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