Your Web Presence:

If You Build It, Will They Come?

Quest #6 - Your Web Presence: If You Build It, Will They Come?

In "Your Web Presence" you'll explore the single-most important part of your speaker's business - your web presence. (Even more important than your speech!)

Your Web Presence is a 2-part Quest. In this first part, "If You Build It, Will They Come?", you'll explore the "outside" of your website(s) - that is, the process of getting to your websites - and you'll consider the "inside" (content) in a future session.

Objectives of this Quest

In this Quest, you will:

    • Define the web presence that will most benefit your business.
    • Determine how much of your web presence you can develop yourself, and how much you’ll need to farm out.
    • Explore the characteristics of domains and determine which domain name(s) you need for your web presence.
    • Determine what you want your website to accomplish, and how to create a web presence that will achieve what you want of it.

Questions answered during this Quest include

    • You already know that you need a website, but what’s a web presence and why do you need a web presence?
    • What do you want your website(s) to do?
    • Can you create your own web presence? If you can’t, how can you find someone to do it for you without breaking your budget?
    • What are the different “levels” of domains and why are they important?
    • What are security certificates and when do you need them?
    • What’s going to drive people to your website? Should you use SEO or paid advertising, or both? Or neither?
    • Who is your website going to engage? Someone visits your website. What happens next?
    • How often should you revise, update, or completely replace your website?

Videos in the “Your Web Presence: If You Build It, Will They Come?” Quest

  1. Grab your domain name now!
  2. Domain levels, subdomains, and specialty domains
  3. What is hosting and why should you care?
  4. Website-building software
  5. Making your site(s) secure
  6. Hosting your videos
  7. Who creates your website(s)?
  8. Your web presence outside of your own site

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