What's in Your

Quest # 16 - What's in Your Future?

As we wrap up this Pro Speaker YOU adventure, you'll explore different aspects of the future - from exploring the direction in which you'll take your own career, to the future of the speaking industry itself.

Objectives of this Quest

In this Quest, you will:

    • Consider how to change your business (including changing your topic, your target market, your business model, your web presence, and your message) as the world changes.
    • Explore how to practice continuous re-learning of your content and your craft.
    • Explore possible options for ending your business (hopefully profitably).

Questions answered during this Quest include

    • What’s the future of professional speaking? With COVID, does it even have a future?
    • How can you change your business to respond to a changing world or a changing personal situation? (This includes repositioning, rebranding, updating your business plan, changing your topic, changing your market, changing your business model, updating your website, updating your content and message, and more!)
    • This is a lonely business. Where can you find the support and encouragement that you might need to survive unwelcome changes?
    • Whether or not the world is changing, you need to continually improve everything about your business. How can you keep your message current and relevant? How can you improve your speaking skills, both in-person and online?
    • When might you decide to end your business? Why would you? How could you end it most profitably?
    • Finally, what’s your next step?

Videos in the “What's in Your Future?” Quest

  1. Responding to change and catastrophes
  2. Differentiating between fads and trends
  3. Continuous relearning
  4. Making long-term plans in a chaotic world
  5. Getting the support you need
  6. Growing your business
  7. Transitioning your business
  8. Ending your business
  9. The future of the speaking industry

(To serve the needs of our members, Pro Speaker YOU reserves the right to add, remove, or update videos on this list at any time.)

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