Developing Your

"Business Simulator"

Quest # 2 - Developing Your "Business Simulator"

In writing your business plan, you are actually developing your "Business Simulator". Why? If you're going to make a mistake, it's vastly better to make it "on paper" than in real life.

In Developing Your "Business Simulator" you will define the foundations of your successful speaking business by simulating your business "on paper" by developing a working business plan.

Objectives of this Quest

In this Quest, you will:

    • Understand the difference between two major types of budgets, and begin to develop each one for your business.
    • Explore the benefits of having both a Policies Manual and a Procedures Manual, and begin write both of them for your business.
    • Begin to develop your Personnel Plan, your Marketing Plan, and your Products Plan, all tailored for your particular business.
    • Explore the aspects of your working business plan that are never included in a formal business plan.

Questions answered during this Quest include

    • Which part of your working business plan must you write first?
    • Other than money, what are your business assets?
    • Why do you need a budget? When is a budget helpful, and when can a budget lead you horribly astray? Do I need to be (or hire) an accountant to prepare my budget?
    • Why does a one-person business need a Personnel Plan?
    • For that matter, why does a one-person business need a Policies and Procedures manual? (Having one can save your keester!)
    • Why do you need a Growth Plan?
    • What plan is never a part of a formal business plan, but is essential in keeping you on-track through turbulent times?

Videos in the “Developing Your Business Simulator” Quest

Videos in the Developing Your “Business Simulator” Quest:

  1. The importance of your Update Log
  2. What are your assets?
  3. Developing a traditional budget
  4. Developing a cashflow budget
  5. Why a one-person business needs a personnel plan
  6. Your products and services plan
  7. Your marketing plan
  8. Policies, procedures, and contingency plans
  9. Growth plans
  10. Finishing your business simulator

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