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Hi! I'm Jim Barber, and this is Pro Speaker U!

I've been a professional speaker for over 40 years (but who's counting?). Some years were highly profitable (by my standards), and other years my income was officially well below the poverty level. I've made some absolutely brilliant business decisions (by my standards), and I've made some horribly embarrassing and costly blunders.

But over the years, one constant has been many people's interest in a career in professional speaking. Another constant has been those same people's struggle to figure out how to get started.

There are a number of great programs out there to guide you on the journey of moving from being a "free speaker" to being a "fee speaker", and each program has its own particular characteristics and advantages. But a variety of factors — including scheduling, cost, time commitments, travel needs, and so on — can make finding the particular guidance you need difficult, if not downright impossible.

To combat this problem, I created Pro Speaker U. PSU is composed of 2 parts:

  • The first is The Library, an eclectic collection of over 150 articles, videos, reports, checklists, contracts, forms, quizzes, assessments and forms... all focused on one goal — to help you in your quest to become a paid professional speaker. (The Library itself is housed at Finders Speakers, a proud sponsor of Pro Speaker U.)

  • The second part is the Confab Groups, a place where aspiring or beginning speakers can share their thoughts and questions with other newcomers to the speaking industry. (Of course, experienced pros are always welcome to help others by sharing their expertise.)

For security reasons, you must become a member of PSU (don't worry, it's free!) before you can post anything in the Confabs. But anyone and everyone is encouraged to peruse the guidance in the Library or the Confabs, without registration and at no cost or obligation.

Why am I doing all this? At almost any meeting of speaking professionals, the importance of "giving back" comes up, and different people give back in different ways. Well, Pro Speaker U is my attempt to give back by offering many of the thoughts and ideas I've accumulated over a lifetime (almost) of professional speaking, to anyone who is considering becoming a pro speaker.

I hope it helps. Here's wishing you every success in your career as a professional speaker!

Jim Barber
signed Jim

Jim Barber
Creator of Pro Speaker U and the Finders Speakers Marketing Center, and Head Barber of one of the web's longest-running sites, The Barber Shop