Your Web Presence:
It's What's Inside that Counts

Quest # 7 - Your Web Presence: It's What's Inside that Counts

In "Your Web Presence: It's What's Inside that Counts", you'll continue your exploration of your web presence by exploring your visitors' web experience.

Objectives of this Quest

In this Quest, you will:

    • See how to create a website that promotes your programs, products, and services to your target market.
    • Explore the advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics of running your own membership site.
    • Explore the characteristics and problems of e-commerce (selling stuff on your site).
    • Consider how the responsiveness of your site affects not just your visitors’ experience, but also your search engine optimization.
    • Consider how often you need to update your website, and if you should replace it completely.

Questions answered during this Quest include

    • Do I need a shopping cart? If I do, how do I get one?
    • How do I make money from a membership site? What are the advantages (other than income) of having a membership site?
    • When visitors come to my site, what do I want them to do? What do I want my visitor-experience to be?
    • How much of my websites can I do myself? If I’m not going to do it myself, why do I need to understand all this?

Videos in the “Your Web Presence: It's What's Inside that Counts” Quest

  1. What do you want your visitors to do?
  2. Creating a promotional website
  3. Creating an ecommerce site
  4. Creating a membership site
  5. The importance of SEO
  6. The importance of responsiveness
  7. Using images and copyrighted material
  8. Revising, updating, or replacing your website

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