Show Me the Money!


Quest # 4 - Show Me the Money!

In "Show Me the Money" you explore the fundamental difference between a public speaker and a professional speaker - money! (Or, more precisely, making money!) In this Quest, you'll explore the wide variety of ways in which a successful pro speaker makes an income.

Objectives of this Quest

In this Quest, you will:

    • Consider the differences between being compensated and making money.
    • Consider the importance of having a variety of diverse income streams.
    • Explore the advantages (and disadvantages) of passive income vs. active income.
    • Explore the wide variety of ways that a speaking professional can actually make money.

Questions answered during this Quest include

    • Why is making money not the same as being compensated? Which is better?
    • Just how much money can a pro speaker make?
    • What’s the difference between active and passive income? Why do you need to have both?
    • What are at least 50 different ways that a pro speaker can make money? Which of them are right for you?

Videos in the “Show Me the Money!” Quest

  1. Money is only one form of compensation
  2. Active vs. passive income
  3. Repeating vs. one-time income
  4. Net income vs. gross income
  5. Making money from speaking
  6. Making money from product sales
  7. Making money from affiliate programs
  8. The importance of multiple income streams
  9. Dozens of specific ways to make money

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