Preparation is the
Key to Success

Quest # 13 - Preparation is the Key to Success

Hooray! You've been hired to give a speech! But what do you do now? In "Preparation is the Key to Success", you will explore what you need to do ahead of time to ensure a successful presentation.

Objectives of this Quest

In this Quest, you will:

    • Explore the importance of the PPQ (pre-program questionnaire) and develop a PPQ that’s specific to your speech or program.
    • Determine how to “own” the room, even before you utter your first word. (And even if you’re speaking online when the “room” is a video screen.)
    • Determine which logistics are essential in setting up both a physical room and a video “virtual room”.

Questions answered during this Quest include

    • What’s a PPQ (Preprogram Questionnaire) and why do you need one? What questions should you ask on your PPQ? What is the BIG question that you should always ask?
    • What are the key differences between speaking online and in-person?
    • If you’re speaking in-person, what are the different types of seating arrangements and why do you care? What steps should you always perform before you begin speaking? How do you “own” the room?
    • If you’re presenting online, what steps should you do before you begin? What are the different “roles” behind an effective video production, and who fulfills them? Can you do them all?
    • How should you never start your speech? What are some effective closing techniques? And what one thing should you never ever do during your speech?

Videos in the “Preparation is the Key to Success” Quest

  1. The importance of a PPQ (PreProgram Questionnaire)
  2. Conducting pre-program interviews
  3. Writing your introduction
  4. Prepping an in-person venue
  5. Prepping an online venue
  6. Rehearsing, practicing, and memorizing your speech
  7. What to do with your notes
  8. The power and perils of impromptu speaking
  9. Customizing a “canned” speech

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