Keynotes and Training and More!
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Quest # 12 - Keynotes and Training and More!

When people think of "speaking", oftentimes they're thinking of keynotes. But there are more - many more - ways that pro speakers can make money! This Quest will explore many other forms of professional speaking, and the benefits and drawbacks of each of them.

Objectives of this Quest

In this Quest, you will:

    • Explore the fundamental differences between a keynote presentation and a training program, and discover how to create each of them most effectively.
    • Explore other forms of pro speaking, and determine what the benefits and drawbacks are of each of them.

Questions answered during this Quest include

    • Which is better, a keynote or a training program?
    • What are the requirements to be a voice-over talent?
    • What’s the difference between a keynote and a TED Talk?
    • What are the benefits of giving a public seminar? What are the problems?

Videos in the “Keynotes and Training and More!” Quest

  1. Killer keynotes
  2. In-demand training
  3. Webinars
  4. Podcasts
  5. Voice-overs
  6. Workshops
  7. Public seminars
  8. TED Talks
  9. Speaking on cruise ships
  10. Consulting
  11. Supporting other speakers

(To serve the needs of our members, Pro Speaker YOU reserves the right to add, remove, or update videos on this list at any time.)

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