Enjoy the Applause
(But There's More To Do)

Quest # 15 - Enjoy the Applause (But There's More To Do)

Congratulations! You've delivered your incredible closing. But you're not done yet... far from it! There are many things to do after your presentation to ensure your presentation's fullest success.

Objectives of this Quest

In this Quest, you will:

    • Explore the importance of conducting a post-program analysis to ensure your continued improvement.
    • Consider the activities that you may choose to perform to increase the success of your presentation… after you’ve given it.
    • Consider various ways of using this successful presentation to generate future income-producing business.

Questions answered during this Quest include

    • How can you effectively use your audience evaluations? What about the meeting planner’s evaluation? Can you evaluate your own performance?
    • What are different ways of generating more income from this presentation?
    • What sort of records do you need to keep after your program is over? How long do you need to keep them?

Videos in the "Enjoy the Applause (But There′s More To Do)" Quest

  1. Submitting an invoice
  2. Handling evaluations
  3. Building your list
  4. Service after the sale
  5. Getting testimonials and referrals
  6. Archiving your presentation
  7. The importance of trip and expense reports
  8. The importance of repurposing your content

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