Choosing a

Money-Making Topic

Quest # 3 - Choosing a Money-Making Topic

Choosing your speaking topic is a challenge for many speakers, but choosing your target market is even more important. "Choosing a Money-Making Topic" explores who you're going to be speaking to and what you're going to be talking about!

Objectives of this Quest

In this Quest, you will:

    • Explore the characteristics of a “good” target market and determine what is a good target market for you.
    • Pick one or more profitable topics for the target market that you’ve chosen.
    • Explore the variety of ways that you can make money by presenting that particular topic to that target market.

Questions answered during this Quest include

    • “I already know what I want to speak about.” Why is that a problem?
    • How do you choose your market? What is a “good” target market?
    • What is the one crucial question that you need to ask (and answer, of course) about your target market? (There are several essential questions that you need to ask, but one of them is head-and-shoulders above all the others.)
    • What are some of the different ways of making money by speaking? (You might be surprised at the number of possibilities.)

Videos in the “Choosing a Money-Making Topic” Quest

  1. What makes a good topic?
  2. What makes a good target market?
  3. Which is better: Passion or expertise?
  4. How to find a good target market for your message
  5. Reaching your target market
  6. Solving your market’s problems
  7. Choosing a topic that makes money
  8. Can you serve multiple markets? Can you have multiple topics?
  9. Being known in your niche

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