Get It in Writing...
or Get It Wrong

Quest # 10 - Get It in Writing... or Get It Wrong

In "Get it in Writing… or Get it Wrong", you'll explore the world of contracts, agreements, and other essential "paperwork". Even though the world is going digital, paperwork (even electron-based versions) is more important than ever.

Objectives of this Quest

In this Quest, you will:

    • Explore a general-purpose speaker’s contract and determine how to customize it to meet your specific needs.
    • Consider other contracts which you might find useful in your speaking business.
    • Explore the concept of copyrights, and determine how you can protect your own “intellectual properties” (like your speeches).

Questions answered during this Quest include

    • What’s the real reason why you need a speaker’s contract?
    • Do you need a speaker’s contract when you give free speeches?
    • What the one word on your contract that can delay the process of hiring you needlessly? (You’ll be surprised at this one!)
    • What’s a talent release and why do you need one?
    • What’s a Fee Schedule, and what is the one item that has nothing to do with money that you must put on your Fee Schedule?
    • When do you need invoices, packing slips, and other such paperwork?
    • How can you protect your own “intellectual properties”? Can you copyright your speeches? Can you copyright your book title? (Answer: you can’t.) So the next question is, how can you protect your book title without copyrighting it?

Videos in the “Get It in Writing... or Get It Wrong” Quest

  1. Why you need a contract… even for free speeches
  2. The importance of a general-purpose contract
  3. How to create a speaker’s contract customized just for you
  4. Creating other essential contracts and agreements
  5. Dos and don’ts of creating your Fee Schedule
  6. Protecting your intellectual property
  7. What can be copyrighted… and what can’t
  8. Two ways to “copyright” your book title (even though titles cannot be copyrighted)
  9. Copyrights vs. Trademarks vs. Service Marks vs. Patents

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