Master of Ceremonies

Someone who moderates an event, introducing the participants and providing a smooth transition between presentations.


Short for Master of Ceremonies. See 'Master of Ceremonies'.

Media Kit

A speaker's promotional package that can include testimonial letters, speaking topics, a fee schedule, audio or video demo tapes, articles written by (or about) the speaker, and other promotional items. Also called a 'press kit'. An essential marketing tool in earlier years; now often largely replaced by a speaker's web site.

Media Release

A short announcement of a newsworthy event, sent to selected members of the media in the hopes of generating publicity for the speaker. Also called a 'press release'.

Meeting Planner

A professional who organizes meetings, conventions, and other events.

Meeting Professionals International

An international association of dedicated professionals involved in planning, managing and supplying services to the meeting industry.


Common term for 'microphone'. Pronounced "mike" (rhymes with "like"). Also spelled 'mike'.


Common term for 'microphone'. Also spelled 'mic' (but still pronounced "mike").


Abbreviation of Meeting Professionals International. See 'Meeting Professionals International'.

National Speakers Association

The National Speakers Association is dedicated to advancing the art and value of experts who speak professionally.


Abbreviation of the National Speakers Association. See 'National Speakers Association'.


A single page summary of a speaker's topics, credentials, and testimonials.


(1) Verb: the act of explicitly subscribing to an e-zine;
(2) adjective: a description of an e-zine list whose subscribers specifically requested the subscription.


(1) Noun: type of program that automatically 'subscribes' members to an e-zine without their authorization;
(2) verb: to remove yourself from an e-zine subscription.