Per Diem
A daily subsistence allowance which covers the speaker’s on-site and travel expenses (hotel accommodation, meals, local transportation).
The stage or platform from which a speaker delivers the program. Commonly used as a synonym for ‘lectern’. See ‘lectern’.
A software program from Microsoft that develops and displays a computer-generated “slide show”; sometimes used as a generic term for any presentation-software package.
Press Kit
The traditional term for a media kit; newspapers originally were printed on presses, so ‘the press’ was slang for newspaper reporters. See ‘Media kit’.
Press Release
A short announcement of a newsworthy event, sent to selected members of the media in the hopes of generating publicity for the speaker. Also called a ‘media release’.
Salable resources, such as books and DVD albums.
A visual device used by speakers to emphasize their points or illustrate their stories. For example, if you’re talking about communication skills, you could use a telephone as a prop.
A small, low platform; a temporary stage can be constructed by placing several risers next to each other.
Q & A
Abbreviation for ‘question and answer session’.
A classroom-type presentation, usually of an educational nature. Seminars are normally more lecture-oriented, while ‘workshops’ are more interactive in nature.
(1) In the hospitality industry, a person who provides food and beverages at an event;
(2) In the Internet, the computer which is the source of a web page or an Internet service. When you are browsing the Internet, the pages you view come from servers. See ‘client’.
Unsolicited and undesired e-mail; or the sending of such e-mail
Speakers Bureau
A company which books speakers for meetings and events.
Spin Off
A speaking engagement that is obtained as a result of someone hearing you at an earlier speaking engagement; speakers bureaus sometimes want a commission on spin-off business as well as the original engagement that they arranged.
The process of setting up the physical environment for an event.
The process of dismantling the physical environment for an event.