Someone who fosters and encourages communication at a meeting.

Fee schedule

A summary of the fees which a speaker charges for various activities.

Flip chart

A very large pad of paper, often mounted on an easel; an inexpensive and very versatile way of creating dynamic displays at a meeting.


A person whose responsibility is to protect someone else from being interrupted (by cold calls, etc.) In many large organizations, before you can reach the decision maker, you must first get past the gatekeeper.

General Release

Another term for a Talent Release. See 'talent release'.


Slang for a speaking or training engagement.

Handheld Mic

A microphone which must be held in the hand, and relatively near the sound source (your mouth). Compare with 'Lavaliere mic'.

Headset Microphone

A microphone which is held in place near the speaker's face; generally clipped over one ear, and positioned near the mouth by a small rod. Compare with 'Lavaliere mic' and 'Handheld mic'.

Horseshoe Seating

A seating style where the seats are arranged in a "U" (or horseshoe) shape, with the speaker in the center, toward the top of the "U". Can be used with or without tables.


Short for 'introduction'. See 'introduction'.


Short lead-in remarks given prior to the main presentation by someone other than the speaker. Most speakers prefer to write their own introductions. An introduction should 'set the stage' for the presentation which follows.


One of the featured speeches at an event. Typically more entertaining or thought-provoking than educational.

Lavaliere mic

A microphone that is attached with a clip to the chest area of the speaker, freeing your hands from holding the microphone. Compare with 'Handheld mic' and 'Headset mic'.


A small stand, usually with a sloping top for holding the speaker's notes. A microphone may be attached.