Slang term for a presentation or response which has not been customized for a particular audience or situation; generally a somewhat derogatory term.

Certified Speaking Professional

An earned designation from the National Speakers Association, indicating the attainment of professional speaker status.

Classroom seating

A common seating arrangement where the audience is seated at tables with everyone facing the front of the room. Generally used in training environments.


(1) in business, a customer;
(2) in the Internet, the computer that is accessing the Internet. When you are browsing the Internet, your own computer is a 'client'. See 'server'.

Cold calling

The process of contacting someone by phone with whom you've had no prior contact, for the purpose of soliciting business. See 'warm calling'.


A speaker's creative works are protected by international copyright law, and their duplication without expressed written authorization is illegal.


Abbreviation for Certified Speaking Professional. See 'Certified Speaking Professional'.

Decision maker

The person who renders the final decision on whether or not you will be hired for an engagement.

Demo tape

An audio or video recording which showcases the speaker's skills.

Direct mail

The process of marketing to large numbers of people by regular mail.


Short for Master of Ceremonies. See 'Master of Ceremonies'.


A marketing or communications 'newsletter' which is distributed via e-mail.