Pro Speaker YOU's

Free Stuff

Pro Speaker YOU's Free Stuff is just what it sounds like — a collection of no-cost resources which are useful to professional speakers, especially those who are just starting their journeys toward professional speaking. (It's also helpful to public speakers or speakers who are just considering making the move from free to fee!)

PS-YOU's Free Stuff is provided as a free service by Pro Speaker YOU - its resources are accessible to anyone, without cost or membership. (However, its contents are copyrighted; so feel free to utilize them for your own personal use, but please do not claim them as your own, resell them, or anything like that. That's illegal. And tacky.) So browse to your heart's content.

I want to stress that PSY's Free Stuff is not a guide and it's not a training program. It's just a collection of useful stuff that can be helpful for do-it-yourselfers. But it won't show you how to make money by "speaking your mind."

For aspiring professional speakers who want to move "from free to fee", you need the other parts of Pro Speaker YOU, starting with Pro Speaker YOU's Journey program. The Journey from Free to Fee program is a 16-unit strategic guide to launching your own career as a successful professional speaker. (Here is an in-depth guide to the Journey program.)

But there's more! Members of Pro Speaker YOU are also encouraged to participate in its Online Mentoring Groups (OMGs). As the name implies, an OMG is an online meeting of PS-YOU members where they can ask questions and explore topics live. (OMGs are also archived so that members can review past OMGs whenever they want.)

Finally, members of Pro Speaker YOU are also eligible for a steep discount on one-on-one speech and career mentoring, so members who want personal attention can explore their career options in private.

So there's much more to Pro Speaker YOU than Pro Speaker YOU's Free Stuff, but this is a good place to start. The resources in PS-YOU's Free Stuff are constantly changing, so check back periodically to see what's new!

Want to join the Journey from Free to Fee? Become a member of Pro Speaker YOU... now!