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Jim Barber

Want to accelerate your career growth? Want more personal attention than you can get with Online Mentoring Groups? Want to explore your career plans in private? (See other benefits of personal mentoring!)

Jim Barber provides personal career enrichment mentoring to professional speakers at all levels of career development. But members of Pro Speaker YOU get a special break — a whopping 60% discount off Jim's normal fee!

That's right! Jim normally charges $170 an hour for private consultation / mentoring, which is a bit of a bargain right there. But as a special membership benefit, PS-YOU members get unlimited career enrichment mentoring for only $68 an hour.

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Let's do the math — since you save over $100 when you schedule just one hour of career mentoring, this means that your membership in Pro Speaker YOU almost pays for itself after just one mentoring session!

And remember, once you've gained access to the entire 8-week Journey, you can keep your membership active indefinitely for a small monthly service charge. Since you save over $100 with every consultation you schedule, this means that over time, you can save a bundle on mentoring fees!

Of course, personal career mentoring is optional. If you don't need it or don't want it, that's OK. You get all the information and guidance you need from the Journey program and the OMGs. There's never any pressure to get a mentoring program that you don't need or want.

But if you do want some personal attention, this incredible bargain is only available to active members of Pro Speaker YOU! (Of course, anyone can schedule online mentoring / consultation with Jim, but non-members pay Jim's non-discounted fee.)

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