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The Journey from Free to Fee is your guide to moving from being a public speaker to being a successful professional speaker. But there's more to Pro Speaker YOU than the Journey.

As a member of Pro Speaker YOU, you are also invited to attend our exclusive OMGs — Online Mentoring Groups. As the name describes, OMGs are online meetings where PSY members can get the in-person guidance that they don't receive in the Journey recordings.

Individual OMGs may address a specific topic, or they may be open-ended, with members encouraged to ask questions on any topic related to pro speaking.

The scheduling of OMGs is flexible and is based on the geographical makeup of the membership at that particular time. For example, if at some point, we have a large number of members in Europe or Asia, we'll schedule an OMG that's convenient for their particular time zones. And the more Pro Speaker YOU grows, the more OMGs we'll schedule!

Of course, attendance at OMGs is completely optional; if you choose not to attend, that's fine. On the other hand, if you'd like to attend an OMG but it isn't convenient, you can catch the recording afterward. All OMGs are recorded and archived so that members can study them whenever they want.

In short, OMGs give Pro Speaker YOU members the personal guidance they need. Ready to benefit from attending our Online Mentoring Groups? Become a member of Pro Speaker YOU... today!

(OMGs are popular because they provide members with the benefits of live interaction. For those members who want personal one-on-one guidance, they can schedule a private Zoom consultation with Jim Barber at a significant discount!)