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I’m delighted that you’ve decided to become a member of Pro Speaker YOU! Membership in Pro Speaker YOU gives you a number of valuable benefits:

  • First and foremost, you’ll have access to your Journey From Free to Fee, the 16-Quest series created with one purpose… to guide you in moving from being a “free” speaker to being a successful, fee-paid speaker! (You can start exploring the first Quest, Setting Up Your Speaker’s Business, immediately! After that, you’ll gain access to a new Quest every 3 or 4 days. Over the next 8 weeks, you’ll get access to all 16 Quests.)
  • You’ll also be eligible to attend all Online Mentoring Group (OMG) sessions held over the next 2 months — you’ll find details on your member dashboard.
  • You can explore all archived OMG sessions which were held in the past. (You’ll find a complete list of past OMGs on your member dashboard too.)
  • And if you want personal, private career coaching at a steep, members-only discount, you’ll find information about that on your member dashboard too!
  • Finally, if you want to extend your membership benefits beyond the initial 8 weeks, you can do so for a small service charge. Extending your membership gives you access to all of the Quests in the Journey from Free to Fee (including any new additions to the Journey program), attendance at all live OMGs, unlimited exploration of all archived OMGs, and the ability to schedule discounted private career coaching. There’s no time limit — you can keep your membership active for as long as you want!

Here are the complete financial details of joining Pro Speaker YOU:

  • To gain membership in Pro Speaker YOU, you will pay a one-time fee of $150 (or possibly less, if you have a discount coupon).
  • After 2 months, your membership will be automatically extended for a service charge of $9 per month (or possibly less, if you have a coupon). You may cancel your membership extension at any time.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you cancel your Pro Speaker YOU membership within the first 2 weeks, your one-time membership fee will be refunded in full, no questions asked. (You will of course lose all your membership benefits when you cancel.)

And that’s all there is to it! Just fill out this short confidential application, submit it, and you’ll have immediate access to your member dashboard and the first Quest in the series, “Starting Your Pro Speaker’s Business”.

Good luck and have fun! I’m looking forward to our journey together!

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Jim Barber / Curator / Pro Speaker YOU!

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woman with mic holding moneyThe Journey from Free to Fee is a 16-episode strategic program which guides you through the process of launching a career as a professional speaker. When you join the Journey from Free to Fee program, you receive access to the program at the rate of 2 episodes ("Quests") per week for 8 weeks. (You can access the first Quest immediately!) Gaining access to a Quest gives you the ability to explore all the videos comprising the Quest, whenever you want, as many times as you want, for as long as you keep your membership active. You are also encouraged to participate in our Online Mastermind Groups (OMGs).

After the 8-week program is completed, if you wish to continue your ability to access all 16 Quests, all support materials, access to all 16 Exchanges, and any new material which is added to any of the Quests... you can do so by extending your membership for a small service charge. You have no long-term commitments or contracts... you may cancel your membership at any time with the click of a button.

Only $150 for the full 8-week program, then optionally continue your membership for as long as you want for only $9 per month.

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