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Pro Speaker YOU members who want private career coaching or mentoring are typically interested in a wide range of topics, including:

  • Reviewing your working business plan (especially your business summary)
  • Brainstorming on product development (either specific individual products or your entire product tree)
  • Refining your speaking topic or your market (or probably both)
  • Guiding you through the development of your budgets
  • Coming up with realistic, practical project timelines
  • Determining the best fees and prices for your products and services

(This is not a complete list, of course. It simply represents some of the more common topics of discussion.)

But it's not just your business that's important to your career. Your presence on the "platform" is also vital to your success, so you also explore topics like:

  • Appearances are important -- how to look your best, on-camera or in-person
  • Editing your speech (merciless editing is quite possibly the single best thing you can do for your speech)
  • Inserting appropriate humor into your presentation (this is arguably the second-best thing you can do to ensure the success of your speech)
  • Overall speech analysis and evaluation

So whether you want to increase your profits by exploring the business side of your speaking career, or you want to have a greater impact by having a more powerful presence on the platform, private career mentoring with Jim Barber will boost your career to new heights!

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