History of PSU

The year was 1997, and I was so proud to publish a new book — my 17th overall, but my first for professional speakers. It was The Complete Professional Speakers Office Kit, and it was immediately hailed as a breakthrough resource for speaking professionals.

The late Bill Gove, the first president of the National Speakers Association, lamented “I only wish that I had had a copy of the ‘Office Kit’ when I started in this business 50 years ago. Only an orderly mind like Jim Barber’s could come up with a masterpiece like this! Every speaker should have one.” Glenna Salsbury, CSP, CPAE raved “The ‘Kit’ is the single most important investment you can make as a professional speaker.” And Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE declared “At last! ‘The Kit’ is a complete reference tool for every speaker.”

But things have changed. In 1997, people couldn't access the Internet from their phones... which they carried in their pockets. People no longer want to lug a 6-pound manual around with them. And things are changing so rapidly that yearly updates are no longer adequate; people need access to current, cutting-edge information that's being continually updated.

So the Kit, in its original form, is obsolete… but the need is still there. For example, Cecelia Jones of The Benjamin Leadership Group purchased one of the first copies of the Kit back in 1997. Ten years later, she wrote me “Your book has been an invaluable tool! Thanks for putting it together.” And in late 2016, an aspiring speaker wanted to buy the Kit... even though it had been almost 2 decades since it was first published.

What's the answer? I took the basic content of The Kit, completely updated it, added a ton of new information, and put it all online. The result is... Pro Speaker U!

And because PSU is online, you get all the benefits of your resources being Internet-based — they're easily accessible, anytime and from anywhere; they can be updated immediately, providing you with up-to-date, cutting-edge guidance; and you can easily jump from PSU to anywhere on the Internet, putting a world of knowledge at your fingertips!

Best of all, you save money — a lot of money. The original Kit cost over $150, but because electrons cost a lot less than trees, you can get all the benefits of PSU for only pennies a day... literally. And because there are no long-term commitments or obligations, you can cancel your membership in PSU whenever you want, quickly and easily!

And in a nutshell, that how Pro Speaker U came about. I’m very proud of PSU and I hope that it helps you survive and thrive in the absolute-greatest-career that anyone can have — professional speaking.

Jim Barber
Founder, Pro Speaker U Career Enrichment Center

PS — Do you want Pro Speaker U to help move your career as a pro speaker to a new level of profitability? Join today and get started immediately!

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