Introduction to Pro Speaking

Welcome to the world of Professional Speaking!

And "world" is a pretty good word to use, because "pro speaking" actually covers a huge area with lots of topics. What many people think of as "professional speaking" comes from their having observed a pro speaker giving a keynote. Or maybe a trainer, instructing a group of individuals in how to do something. Or maybe you've seen a pro speaker on TV, promoting a cause. Or an emcee hosting an event. Or a facilitator conducting a workshop. Or a talk show host interviewing a guest (who might be another speaker!).

Whatever your exposure to pro speaking has been, if you've only seen the speaker working "on the platform", then you've only seen a tiny fraction of the whole story! Ninety-nine percent (more or less) of a pro speaker's business is conducted "off the platform", before or after the actual presentation — doing research, marketing, networking, product development, website development, speech writing, copy writing... the list goes on and on. And that doesn't count the little day-to-day activities that are a part of any business — bookkeeping, accounting, business correspondence, strategic planning, and so on. As you can see, pro speaking is a lot more about the "pro" than it is about the "speaking"!

There are many ways to improve your speaking skills, such as coaching or attending a community college class. Toastmasters International is probably the most successful approach, helping millions of people improve their speaking skills in its 90+ year history. But few of these ways address the business side of speaking. And that's where Pro Speaker U comes in!

The PSU Library (you're in The Library right now) is packed with useful guidance for all stages of your speaking career. Some information is in text, some in audio, and some in video — whichever method is most efficient. But all of PSU's resources have one thing in common: they all focus on the necessary steps to launch and maintain a successful career in professional speaking.

Welcome to the world of professional speaking! Welcome to Pro Speaker U! The adventure awaits you!

Introduction / Overview