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If you've ever considered making a living as a professional speaker (or if you're already an experienced speaking pro), there's no doubt that you will benefit from Pro Speaker U!

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“What will Pro Speaker U do for me?”

Pro Speaker U serves professional speakers in two essential ways — career guidance and promotional opportunities.

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Here's the bottom line — if you're satisfied with just being a public speaker, you don't need all the benefits that Pro Speaker U provides.

But if you're a professional who's paid to speak (or if that's your dream), you owe it to yourself to invest in your career!

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The heart of PSU's career guidance is The Library, composed of over 200 information-packed modules exploring important issues like:

  • Why should you always use a speaker's contract, even for non-paid speeches? (If you don't do this, your "free" speech can end up costing you a lot of money!) What about an Agreement to Video Record – Archival? (Protect your reputation! Adding one simple phrase to your contract can save you from years of Internet humiliation!) What item does a standard Video Recording Agreement typically not cover... and leaves you vulnerable to being ripped off? (Adding a few simple words to your agreement can save you thousands of dollars!)

    The Library contains over a dozen fully-customizable speakers' contracts, each one created specifically to meet the needs of speaking pros like you!

  • How much should you charge for your speeches and products? (There's nothing worse than charging too little... except, of course, for charging too much!) Should you ever negotiate your fee? Do you know how to calculate your actual costs of developing a keynote or training program? (If you don't, you could easily "succeed" yourself into bankruptcy.)

  • Sad but true — you can't copyright book titles. So how can you protect the title of your book without copyrighting it? (It's sneaky, but all best-selling authors know this little trick!)

  • Of your book, your speech, your brochure, and your business card, which one can you not copyright? (You might be shocked at this one!)

  • Why is it crucial to use a PPQ (Pre-Program Questionnaire) before every speech? (You do have a PPQ, don't you? What's the most important question in your PPQ?)

As you can see, The Library is chock-full of savvy career guidance that's essential to your career success! (To explore The Library further, you can sample a few actual modules, or peruse the complete Library's Table of Contents.)

The Library is valuable for pro speakers at all levels of their careers:

  • Aspiring and beginning speakers understand the importance of owning a road map to success — knowing what to do and when to do it. And The Library is stuffed with suggestions, warnings, tips, and guidance, all designed to help you succeed in this challenging — but very rewarding — industry.

  • Of course, veteran speaking professionals already recognize that the speaking industry is changing more rapidly than ever, and the only way to thrive is to continually re-educate yourself! The materials in The Library are constantly being expanded and updated so PSU members can stay on top of the latest changes in this chaotic industry!

“Is that everything I need?”

Career guidance is only part of what you need. The biggest bugaboo facing all professional speakers — from beginners to experienced pros — is the challenge of marketing and promotion. The sad truth is, you can have the greatest speech, product, or service in existence... and if nobody knows about it, you'll starve.

That's why Pro Speaker U also provides you with a powerful marketing capability through its exclusive association with Finders Speakers, the site where event planners come to find the speakers they need. Your PSU membership comes with a free full-page, customizable listing in Finders Speakers, so meeting planners can find — and hire — you!

“Is all this expensive? (Please tell me it's not!)”

There's the big question: How much does all this cost? Since Pro Speaker U uses a budget-friendly pay-as-you-go system (with no long-term commitments), you get everything described above — unlimited access to all the resources in the PSU Library and a fully-customizable web page to market yourself in Finders Speakers — for an entire month for only $19. (It's even cheaper if you sign up for 3 or more months at a time, but you don't have to — signing up for a single month is just fine, and it may be long enough for your needs. You decide!)

(Here's an option that might interest you — If one full-page listing in Finders Speakers is not sufficient for your marketing needs, you can choose the Premium package instead and receive all the benefits of the Standard package plus four additional PromoPages for only $5 more. Now frankly, most beginning speakers don't need this, but for established speakers with multiple keynotes or who already have product to sell, the Premium package is an incredible bargain!)

“OK, I'm ready! How do I get started?”

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When you're ready to move your speaking career to new heights, it takes less than 5 minutes to join Pro Speaker U. Then you can immediately delve into the valuable guidance in the Library and create your own PromoPage(s) to promote your speeches, products, and services!

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I look forward to our adventure together!

Jim Barber
Founder, Pro Speaker U Career Enrichment Center